News of CREDIT Prosperity Fund

CREDIT Kunyuan Investment Fund No. 5 Realized Smooth Exit upon Maturity


On August 22, 2014, CREDIT Kunyuan Investment Fund No. 5 (hereinafter referred to as the "Fund") realized smooth exit upon maturity. The Fund, duly established in August 2012, cooperated with local well-known developers in Yunnan and exit smoothly as scheduled after two years.

The Fund is invested in a project located at Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. With a land area of 117.5mu and a total floor area of 558,800 square meters, the project is quite close to the First Ring Road of Kunming City and well equipped with supporting facilities and convenient traffic conditions, enjoying regional advantages and selling prospect. After in-depth investigation and analysis, CREDIT Prosperity Fund made all-round evaluation on the value and risk of the project and thus ensured a scientific and reliable decision-making for investment.

In the follow-up post-investment management, CREDIT Prosperity Fund carried out whole-process control and supervision on the project construction, development and progress, as well as its income and expenses, funds arrangement, financial system, statements and taxation planning. Under multilateral efforts, the development, construction, selling schedule and cash flow of the project invested by the Fund went on without a hitch, ensuring smooth exit of CREDIT Kunyuan Investment Fund No. 5.

The real estate industry has been trapped in a downward trend since this year. Amid such situation, CREDIT Prosperity Fund’s vision on the project is verified and its idea of “optimal selection and steady expansion” in the real estate financial field is further recognized by the market. CREDIT Prosperity Fund will adhere to the management idea of “trust-based establishment and steady development”, with a mission to guarantee the safety and return of investors’ funds, so as to achieve win-win benefits with more investors and corporate partners.