News of CREDIT Prosperity Fund

CREDIT Prosperity Fund Held Enterprise Development Forum


On the afternoon of August 18, all staff of CREDIT Prosperity Fund got together to explore CREDIT Prosperity Fund’s future development strategy and direction focusing on three themes: “To Win in Executive Force”, “Opportunity and Direction to Overtake in Corners” and “Specifications and Speed under New Regulatory Environment”.

CREDIT Prosperity Fund has been internally advocating a corporate culture of openness, equality and inclusiveness, and encouraging employees to speak their mind freely and contribute ideas to the development of the company. The organization form of this forum also adhered to this principle, that is to say, members in the randomly-divided groups had chances to deliver a speech and express themselves regardless of their positions, which fully demonstrated the people-oriented managerial philosophy.

It was just the calling of this enterprise spirit that propelled quite a few employees making elaborate preparations for their speeches on this forum and meanwhile came up with some new views and strategies. Although “To Win in Executive Force” has become commonplace to say, some colleagues pertinently gave it a refreshing connotation by combining with their work experience. For the part of “Opportunity and Direction to Overtake in Corners”, quite a few colleagues, by combining with the latest opportunities and operation pattern in the market, put forward the development direction for sub-fields like the industry, real estate etc.. As for “Specifications and Speed under New Regulatory Environment”, discussions were carried out in respect of how to adapt to regulation and how to correctly balance the relation between standardized operation and development speed, and eventually the coping methods and strategies under the new regulatory environment were defined.

Upon the end of the forum, Mr. Deng Hong, the Chairman of the Board, summed up everyone’s speech and fully affirmed employees’ pioneering spirit. He stated that all staff should in future work in a prudent and down-to-earth manner and strive to push the company's development to a new level.