Corporate Culture

I. Vision

Strive to be the most trustworthy top assets management institute in China.



II. Mission

Providing financing service to company

Creating stable income for investor

Bringing good returns to shareholders

Building promising stage for employees



III. Value

Build on integrity, Strive for solidity 



IV. Team Consensus

Such team consensus is formed on the basis of “Two-Seven Consensus” proposed by the shareholder -- CITIC Securities and by combination with company’s situation, and used to guide and decide the company’s strategy and action.  

1.  Three essential standards for measuring the company success are client service, employee’s development and shareholder’s return. Their combination constitutes the reputation of the company.

2. We strive for excellence and do not tolerate any employee who is content with status quo and gives up advancement by any excuse. There is no shortcut in the investment industry, thus, only with unusual effort taken by elite talents, can the company achieve outstanding success.

3.  Client service is taken as the foothold of the company. As enterprises and investors are our clients, we commit to providing them with flexible and efficient financing service and extra stable income.

4.  Employee’s development depends on the effort, enthusiasm, ability and performance. The company advocates a mechanism of selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior, giving promotion and demotion accordingly, and hiring and firing independently. The company also encourages them to devote all passion, intelligence and strength to company without any reservation.

5.  The brand and trust of shareholders are the valuable property of the company. We cherish and treasure them and will return all shareholders with excellent performance.